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Voice of Staff

Voice of Staff is an open forum where staff may raise issues, pose questions, and put forward topics for discussion at future Staff Council meetings. Voice of Staff topics may either be submitted online or presented at Staff Council meetings. Recent submissions are available here (login required).

Call for Participation: Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Working Group

Over the past year, the University has had a small Campus SaVE Act Working Group preparing a Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention & Response policy. This policy is currently under review. Father Holtschneider has indicated that the Working Group will continue its work into the next year with a revised name, expanded charge, and expanded membership. The name of the group will be the Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Working Group. The charge will be (1) to review the new federal guidance regarding sexual and relationship violence and determine whether any changes are needed to DePaul’s policies and procedures and (2) to begin to think about issues of addressing sexual and relationship violence at DePaul more broadly. The membership will be expanded to include two members from each of the three governing bodies. If you are interested in being one of the Staff Council representatives to this body, please complete this survey by Friday, June 20 at 5 p.m.

Edwin Darrell Receives Staff Council Diversity Award

Edwin Darrell, Associate Director of Residential Education, is the 2013-2014 recipient of the Staff Council Diversity Award. Darrell was nominated by Deb Schmidt-Rogers, Director of Residential Education, who states in her nomination that Edwin “. . .has made it his personal mission to make sure that students are served.” Schmidt-Rogers cites some of the many ways that Darrell has served the Mission of Diversity here at DePaul: developing the Blue Demon Committee Meeting, developing relationships with Campus Recreation and Athletics, helping to launch the Sankofa retreat for students of color, and facilitating focus groups for the Men of Color initiative. Some of Darrell’s other achievements include Past President of Staff Council, member of the 2013 Provost Search Committee, and Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Association of Student Conduct Administrators’ Board of Directors.

“Edwin is a supporter of all things DePaul,” states Schmidt-Rogers. “He speaks to everyone, seems to know everyone, and is a sought after member of committees and search processes. He attends events on campus far more often than most of us. He travels between constituencies well and has the confidence of DePaul’s executives as well as DePaul’s students. I suspect this is rarer than I know.”

Darrell was presented with the 2013-2014 Staff Council Diversity Award at the annual President’s Diversity Council Reception.

Thanks and Welcomes

Thank you to our outgoing members: Reyna Griffen, Linda Jepsen, Laura Ross, Kate Sonka and Sheila Sullivan.

Congratulations to our new members:

The terms begin May 21, 2014 and will go through May of 2016.

Our next meeting is a closed meeting to allow for planning for the new year. The next public meeting will be held in August.

Are you interested in a weight loss support group?

The weight-loss support group is in progress. The support group provides a nonprofessional arena for individuals to share weight-loss secrets, healthy recipes, fitness plans, etc. and provide camaraderie to fellow University employees seeking to gain a healthy lifestyle. Staff members interested in participating are encouraged to contact Linda Jepsen, Staff Council President or Kate O'Brien, Athletic Academic Advising.

Meetings are now colocated at Loop and Lincoln Park! All meetings go from noon to 1 pm; feel free to bring your lunch.

We look forward to sharing our ideas and hearing yours as we come together to promote a healthy university.

Deployed Loved Ones Community Group

The Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs office will be continuing the community group for staff and students who currently have or have had loved ones deployed. Please contact the Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs office for more information.

Other Information

Voice of Staff Submissions
Recent submissions have been addressed here (login required). The archives of previous Voice of Staff responses can be viewed on the VOS archives page (login required).