April Meeting to feature President Fr. Holtschneider's final address to Staff Council

  • Monthly meeting: Wednesday, April 26th, 2017, Lincoln Park Campus, Welcome Center
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    Staff Council Elections are Coming Up - Consider Running as a Candidate

    Being a member of Staff Council provides the opportunity to serve, advocate, and make a difference for the university community. Please take this opportunity before our official election launch in April to consider running for Staff Council. Be on the lookout for an upcoming email with details on the candidacy and election process coming soon.

    You may apply for candidacy by following this link.

    Who serves on Staff Council?

    Learn more about who is currently elected to Staff Council, what Committee they serve on, as well as what department they are affiliated with. Membership info includes photo, name, committee, department, and email.

    Page 1: Organizational Chart outlining Steering Committee: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Committee Chairs
    Page 2: Staff Council members
    Click here for Staff Council Directory

    SC Directory


    Staff Council is here to advocate for staff, participate in university governance, and engage with staff about issues faced in the workplace. When it comes to questions and problems in the office or on campus, Staff Council can guide you in the right direction, though it is important to remember that we are neither a confidential resource nor a mediator.

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