Staff Council is open to all full and part-time staff members at DePaul University.  Staff members can participate in the Council by attending open monthly meetings, participating in elections, serving on university committees, and submitting issues to the Voice of Staff.

Monthly Meetings

Open meetings are a great place to find out what issues are facing DePaul and have a voice in them.  Some past topics that the Council has debated include strategic planning, human resources, university policy and executive searches. For the 2015-2016 meeting schedule please click here.


University-Wide Committees

Serving on university committees can bring your voice as a representative of staff to a specific topic.University committees vary greatly in topics; including HR issues, policies, search committees or technology initiatives.To find out what opportunities currently exist, contact a member of the Effectiveness Committee.


2016-2017 Staff Council Diversity Award - Nominations are Now Open –

As part of its commitment to the Diversity mission of DePaul University, Staff Council initiated this award during the 2009-2010 academic year.

The Purpose of the Staff Council Diversity Award is:

- To recognize an individual staff member or department within the DePaul community who have demonstrated during the past year outstanding achievements, initiatives, and/or sustained commitment to the mission, pursuit of cultural diversity, and advocacy of civil and human rights within the DePaul Community.
- To recognize the individual staff member who embraces diversity as a fundamental element to the mission of DePaul.

Nominations for the Staff Council Diversity Award are open through Friday, March 31st, 2017. Please click here for more information. The 2016-2017 Staff Council Award recipient/s will be presented with the plaque at the May 10th, 2017 President’s Diversity Council Annual Reception, 3pm-5pm Loop DePaul Center, 11th floor Terrace and Gallery.

Former recipients
2012-2013 - Imran Ali, Director of Students Records, School of New Learning
Staff Council Diversity Chair, whose work with Faculty Council and Student Government was instrumental, as a member of the task force advocating on behalf of DePaul to reinstitute that DePaul University would observe the Federal Martin Luther King Jr holiday in January.
2013-2014 - Edwin Darrell, Associate Director of Residential Education
Former Staff Council President and all he achieved for the betterment of staff during his tenure as a Staff Council President.
2014-2015 - Chris Rone, Associate Director, Financial Aid
Chris Rone commitment to DePaul and understanding of the needs of today's College students has gone out of his way to advocate and provide financial information and support to some of our students who have run out of funds so that they can complete their education at DePaul.
2015-2016 - Rico Tyler, AVP of Diversity Education, Student Affairs
Rico Tyler commitment to the lives, voices and needs of students of color at DePaul is at the core of his work. He serves a role model for social justice leadership for the division and continually keeps staff accountable to our mission.